See if you're getting the NBN

See if you're getting the NBN

Join the thousands of Australians punching their suburbs into the NBN's web site to see if they're on the new rollout list.

If you haven't already done so, you can type in your street or suburb here and see if you're on the newly-update rollout plan for the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Up till now we've seen what amounts to a taste of the NBN, in trial sites around the country. Today is really the kick-off point for widescale rollouts - 3.5 million homes and businesses will either have the NBN, or construction will have started, by June 2015. To put this into perspective, there are 13 million homes to eventually be connected, according to an NBN Co. statement last year.

The full breakdown

Here is the state and territory breakdown:

  • 1,010,700 in New South Wales
  • 691,600 in Victoria
  • 678,600 in Queensland
  • 429,200 in Western Australia.
  • 327,300 in South Australia
  • 135,300 in the ACT
  • 65,200 in the Northern Territory
  • 209,100 in Tasmania

Note that construction will be finished or begun by June 2015 - so not all places in today's list (see below) will necessarily have a working connection by that month. When asked today how long the entire rollout would take, NBN Co, CEO Mike Quigley wouldn't be drawn on an end date, other than to say the process will take "a decade".

Who's next in line?

NBN Co. interactive map. Click to view.

We've already done an overview of what's expected for the next 12 months in Sydney and Melbourne. Those coverage maps are now plastered NBN markers, though it's mostly a sea of green markers, meaning it could be 2015 or later before those sites are connected.

What's interesting is the new coverage areas that have now appeared on the map.

Take Campbelltown in Sydney, for example. Until today, there were a number of NBN hotspots in nearby areas in new housing developments, but nothing else. Campbelltown itself is now listed where work will start on the NBN by June 2015, with 22,000 premises to be connected. Work will start in June next year.

Outside the major cities, new areas appearing on the list include:

  • Wagga Wagga (work starts June 2013)
  • Wodonga (work starts September 2014)
  • Dubbo (work startes June 2013)
  • Bundaberg (work starts June 2013)
  • Rockhampton (work starts February 2013)
  • Shepparton (work starts February 2013)
  • Bendigo (work starts March 2014)
  • Alice Springs (work starts from June 2013)
  • Katherine (work starts from February 2013)
  • Cairns (work starts from August 2012)
  • Carnarvon (work starts from June 2014)
  • Kalgoorlie (work starts from June 2014)
  • Albany (work starts from December 2014)

Block by block


As we've explained here, the NBN is being built out from existing areas where suburbs are already connected. The actual details of what streets will be connected first is contained in maps for each area, which you can find here as they are available. As the network is rolled out, the copper network will be turned off progressively.

"Once we have declared an FSAM done, we are in a process where we begin that migration," said Mike Quigley. He said the NBN Co. has allowed 18 months for that process, although indicated that Telstra would like this to be faster. In theory, fibre will be your only fixed line from that point.

For those not on today's rollout list, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy had this to say: "We can't do every street in Australia in the next three years," before adding, "Let’s be clear, no-one’s missing out." New updates to the rollout map will be released during the construction process.

All this is of course depends on the NBN Co. staying on track and the Labour Government staying in power.

Is your suburb on the current NBN rollout list? Add your comment below.

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