And now a word about... safety. FROM A TRANSFORMER!

And now a word about... safety. FROM A TRANSFORMER!

Video: Catch some important retro life lessons from your favourite Autobots.

Everyone knows the GI Joe PSAs, thanks to the hilariously funny re-tuning they received a couple of years ago that turned ernest warnings about the dangers of electricity and such into trippy, fracked up homages to body massages and reggae. But do you remember the similarly earnest Transformers PSAs?

Ah, the animated Public Service Announcement. Little gems of retro charm and good concience from a bygone age. You know, like a lightsaber, but less burny and cutty. And, for your viewing pleasure, we've tracked down five of the best.

I don't know about you, but I'll never diss a chick-skater again!

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