Verbatim Store'n'Save USB 3.0 Desktop drive review


See how the Verbatim Store'n'Save fares against other USB 3.0 hard disks on the market.

$90 AUD
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At only $90, Verbatim’s 1TB desktop drive undercuts the rest, working out to an unbeatable 9.6c per gigabyte. It’s a good value option in the 2TB size category, too, at $130. Prices have yet to settle on the 3TB version, though – right now, it’s a dubious $258. What’s more, the 3TB model appears to Windows as two physical disks (to ensure compatibility with older operating systems) and, frustratingly, there’s no way to recombine them into a single volume.

Still, performance isn’t too bad: the 1TB Verbatim doesn’t quite match the Iomega Prestige drive, but its large-file performance is up there with the Buffalo and the Freecom, with only a very poor 22MB/sec result in the small-file write test letting the drive down. Switching to the 3TB model yielded a considerable improvement, with an average read/ write speed of 137MB/sec for large files, 50MB/sec for small-file writes and 83MB/sec for small-file reads.

The Verbatim is an ugly unit, with an angular front bearing a cheap-looking green LED power indicator. But it comes with Nero BackItUp & Burn, and it does the job for less than anyone else. If you need only simple, high-capacity storage, it’s well worth 


This Review appeared in the Dec, 2011 issue of PC & Tech Authority Magazine

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